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Character bio for Rakuen and Maison de Portes.

Name: Ledouche
Canon: Pointy Chins: The Musical (and its sequel, Noodle Bodies: The Musical)
Species: Half Twilight vampire, half noodle

History: Lelouch started a rebellion because he was upset by the fact that his butt wasn't as nice as everyone else's, and also because he thought his best friend was straight. There also might've been something about a sister complex in there somewhere.

Lelouch wore tight-fitting outfits and was a very naughty boy. (And a few people might've gotten killed here and there.) Eventually, his friend Suzaku had to punish him. But then they wound up as friends again and Suzaku brought about world peace by penetrating him and everyone lived happily ever after.

Except Lelouch because he died.


Gayer than a feather boa, more powerful than a limp noodle, and able to command a legion of fangirls with a single gesture.

He also has magical eyes or something.

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