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Snowstorms suck! And boys are stubborn!

Lelouch hadn't anticipated the blizzard being quite this bad. There were a lot of things he could control, but the weather was not one of them. Normally Shinkiro could handle some adverse weather, but the damage it had taken, while minor in general, had changed that. Water and ice was beginning to seep into the electrical systems.

He wasn't alone, of course. He wasn't stupid. Suzaku and C.C. were alongside him in their own Knightmares. When Lelouch told them he was having difficulty, they all had agreed it best that C.C. go on and fetch help from the Avalon (the weather made long-range communication iffy at best and he didn't want to risk a partial transmission either alerting the enemy or making his army overreact and change position), and Suzaku would stay with Lelouch. After all, if someone chose to take advantage of the crippled Shinkiro, he would be more able to deal with it, even if the Lancelot was arguably a faster unit than C.C.'s.

"She'll probably smell like pizza when she returns..." Lelouch muttered on the open communications channel. He didn't seem to mind if she was out of range of it or not. If she wasn't, she didn't make any reply. "I've turned disabled all combat systems and diverted some of that power to the sensors and radar. As well as the heater. I'm in your hands."
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It wasn't actually often that things didn't go as planned. Lelouch usually had a contingency plan for everything, and backups just in case.

Apparently the world was just against them- nothing they didn't already know.

He scanned the immediate area, no hostile Knightmare Frames, no heat signals past his and Lelouch's.

"There's an emergency blanket in here if you need it."

Courtesy of Cecile, Lancelot may have no escape system but Cecile had insisted on survival items.
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"If you get too cold tell me." Was all he said in response, it was probably sensible to not open the hatches and let what warmth their was escape.

He circled Shinkiro again using the motion to check the frame for any other damage they hadn't found on first inspection.
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"Nothing good." He got a bit closer, nothing he could fix. He clicked a few buttons sending his visual feed over to Lelouch so he could see for himself.

"I'll keep monitoring it, you may have to evacuate." Hopefully not, if it actually set on fire Lloyd would kill them both.
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"That's what I thought." Suzaku said with a frown, taking a moment to check the other sensors. "It looks like the blizzard is getting worse." It was cold, even with the heating systems on, knightmare frames were not really made for comfort.

"It might be best you evacuated before the weather conditions get too dangerous."
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Suzaku did as he was told, though he cursed Lelouch for his stubbornness.

He continued patrolling, checking the damage to make sure no fires had started. Inwardly he was counting the alarms.

"Open your hatch." His tone brooked no arguments. There couldn't be much power left now at all.
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"That's a bad idea." He told him unnecessarily, it would waste time to look for him, and it would leave either Lelouch or Shinkiro vulnerable as Suzaku couldn't be in two places at once.

"You will mostly be sheltered by Lancelot, open the hatch." He got closer, looming over the kneeling knightmare to give as much storm shelter as possible.
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Suzaku opened his own hatch, letting down the cord so Lelouch could move into Lancelot's cockpit. It would be a tight squeeze, Lancelot wasn't really made for passengers.

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Suzaku would worry about him once the immediate threat of explosions was gone. He pushed the larger knightmare backwards into the snow. There were more sparks but the snow did its work and the actual flames went out.

It would take a lot of fixing, Lloyd probably wouldn't talk to either of them for a week, but it wasn't lost.

That sorted he halted the Lancelot and turned around to where Lelouch was shivering. "Here" He took the blanket and handed it to him.
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Suzaku checked the sensors again, before looking back at Lelouch. He turned the heating controls up to maximum. "Are you alright?"
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He clicked a few more buttons, making sure the alarms for any signals entering the sensors range were set correctly and turned to fully face Lelouch.

He fussed with the blanket a moment, it probably wasn't doing much when there was wet clothing between it and Lelouch. "You should probably take your wet things off, you're not going to get any warmer like that."
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Suzaku pulled off his gloves and handed them over, watching him struggle for a moment before his patience got the better of him and he began unbuttoning the shirt for him.

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Suzaku was a bit worried at Lelouch's condition, and the heating was up as high as it could go.

"CC should be almost there by now."
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"Let me know if your condition worsens." He watched him for a moment, feeling bad he was slumped on the floor, but it wasn't like he was in any condition to pilot if they got attacked.
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"CC will kill me if I let you die." He said, an attempt at humour, lost a little.

He watched Lelouch attempt to upgrade the sensors. "He'll be happy."
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Suzaku nodded, following that thought easily. "He's going to be impossible for weeks."

He always was when things got damaged.
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Suzaku wasn't relaxed either but he didn't bother about the dripping, the flight suit could handle it.

"The speed of the Lancelot will win us back any time we would have lost from having a shorter sensor range." He told Lelouch seriously.