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Lelouch vi Britannia ([personal profile] veepofchess) wrote2013-06-02 05:13 am

Snowstorms suck! And boys are stubborn!

Lelouch hadn't anticipated the blizzard being quite this bad. There were a lot of things he could control, but the weather was not one of them. Normally Shinkiro could handle some adverse weather, but the damage it had taken, while minor in general, had changed that. Water and ice was beginning to seep into the electrical systems.

He wasn't alone, of course. He wasn't stupid. Suzaku and C.C. were alongside him in their own Knightmares. When Lelouch told them he was having difficulty, they all had agreed it best that C.C. go on and fetch help from the Avalon (the weather made long-range communication iffy at best and he didn't want to risk a partial transmission either alerting the enemy or making his army overreact and change position), and Suzaku would stay with Lelouch. After all, if someone chose to take advantage of the crippled Shinkiro, he would be more able to deal with it, even if the Lancelot was arguably a faster unit than C.C.'s.

"She'll probably smell like pizza when she returns..." Lelouch muttered on the open communications channel. He didn't seem to mind if she was out of range of it or not. If she wasn't, she didn't make any reply. "I've turned disabled all combat systems and diverted some of that power to the sensors and radar. As well as the heater. I'm in your hands."

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