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Rekindled App!

OOC Information
Player Name: Lance
Player Age: OBAACHAN --Imean 27
Player Contact: girlnamedlance on AIM and Plurk
Player/Character HMD: Here!
Other characters in game: None!

IC Information
Character Name: Lelouch vi Britannia (alias: Lelouch Lamperouge)
Character Canon: Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (anime!)
Character Age/Gender: 17/Male!
Canon Point: Mid Episode 6 of R2 (Just after the failed kidnapping of Nunnally when she returns as Viceroy of Area 11, and four and a half months in Manhattan during Daisychain)
Character Canon History: Code Geass Wikia
Character Personality:
Lelouch is generally aloof to those around him. He is typically nonchalant, a bit lazy, and is somehow able to charm his way out of things, such as gym class. He's well organized when it comes time for him to be in charge of something, but that contributes to his lazy image; in that he's usually sitting back and telling everyone else what to do. He is a very caring and sweet older brother to Nunnally and Rolo (though not at the same time), and he's a good friend to those he befriends. Though he doesn’t make them easily. However, Lelouch carries resentment toward the Britannian Empire, and everyone within it. He is usually quiet about it, aside from an occasional comment when the news is on. But the truth runs much deeper. He would like nothing less than to exact his revenge on his father. This is what drives him toward anarchy and this is what is at the root of his descent into madness.

He is very protective of his friends and family as well. He frequently loses control of his rationality if any of them are endangered. Also, while he is calm and collected during his strategy, when things go out of his plan, or when things touch those he cares about, he flies off the handle, sometimes forsaking his mission to go and rescue whomever it may be, or correct his plans to make sure they do not end up in the crossfire. For all of his preplanning and forethought on genius levels, he does have difficulty ad-libbing when things go wrong. Everything in him grinds to a halt until he realizes what he must do to overcome the obstacle. If it’s truly insurmountable, he gets scared, and that fear manifests into anger and irrationality.

He is a master of many faces, presenting one self to his friends at school, another to the Black Knights, another to Nunnally, and he can switch between them easily. This is both a blessing and a curse when sometimes the groups clash. Sometimes he uses this to keep some free radicals in line, and sometimes it’s a hindrance when the wrong people are around a problematic phone conversation. But he manages these problems expertly and makes sure they’re not crippling.

His biggest fears are of an individual and of failure. The person he fears most is his father, Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, Charles zi Britannia. Charles has been at the core of Lelouch’s entire battle. Since exiling him as a child, through discovering that he had been responsible for the death of his mother, through forcing him to be held down by a close friend and having his memory forcibly modified by Charles’ Geass. Lelouch was screaming and begging him to stop as he took away all memory of Nunnally, of his rebellion, of his mother, and inserted Rolo, a child assassin placed at his side with the duty to kill him if he ever regained memory of any of it. Charles is Lelouch’s greatest enemy. He is the only adversary that shakes his resolve.

He knows he must face him, and he will not hesitate when he does, but that does not prevent him from reacting in fear when Charles makes unexpected challenges against his rebellion. Even in Zero’s face, the mask he wears cannot cover how shaken he is by him.

Lelouch’s fear of failure is tied to his love of Nunnally. His whole campaign is waged in the name of creating a peaceful world for her. The world will be at peace when someone wins the war, is his philosophy. But if he should lose, if his identity is revealed, then Nunnally will not be safe. Nor would anyone else he cared about, such as the student council, or the inner circle of the Black Knights. Failure means death or torture for all he loves. He will not allow himself to fail.

But his biggest weakness is his pride and ambition. He has had plans to destroy Britannia for a very long time. When he received the Geass power from C.C., it merely accelerated his plans. While he puts careful planning into everything he does, it is this pride that makes him unable to cope when there is a flaw in his carefully orchestrated plans. He does not enter a battle that he has not already or is easily able to turn to his advantage. The rare times he does, result in one of his few catastrophic defeats. He truly has a brilliant strategist’s mind, but his own ego gets in his own way.

He considers everyone, including himself, a pawn for his plans. He will sacrifice his best pieces if he must. The ends will always justify the means. That is at the core of everything he does.

AU Information: During Daisychain, he used his own skills and Zero’s mask to move against the Tagruato Corporation, the company responsible for creating the giant monster that tormented their wasted Manhattan. The basis of this game was the Cloverfield movie, set in the aftermath, where Manhattan was half-decimated and generally a no-man’s land. Where there were once busy streets there was now crumbled buildings. Supplies were all collected into one place, and dispersed as fairly as possible.

Early in his time in Manhattan, he had to get the lay of the land. He quickly determined who was the most influential in the city, individuals such as Mia Fey, Harry Dresden, and Aya Brea. As well as the most dangerous: Birdman, Reinhart, and Dahlia Hawthorne. He was occasionally joined by friends, Shirley, Euphemia, and Rolo, but whatever power had brought them there had sent them back.

As time went on, Zero gained influence. He manipulated people, even without the use of his Geass. He learned to rely on it less, and to manage the court of public opinion. He helped mitigate the threat of the multiple, massive monsters, and uncovered information about their captors. He built up a new organization, the Neo Black Knights, which counted Raiel, Naoki Kashima, and a young wizard named Bron among its most valuable assets. Among others he interacted with is several main characters from the Ace Attorney games, members of the army of Fullmetal Alchemist, and he made enemies with most of the Firefly cast.

During endgame, he and everyone else were dispersed between three aircraft carriers. He lead assaults against the bridge until it was finally his, earned on the back of a massive Leviathan summoned from the sea by Raiel, used to break in through the bridge’s windows from the outside. He used his Geass to force all of those there, including the captain, to acknowledge him as the CEO of their company, and give him their utmost obedience.

In the end, they were able to use the same technology that had taken them from their worlds, used an antidote to the ability suppressing agent that kept special abilities like bending, magic, and his Geass at bay, and was told that he would be sent back to his own home, at the same moment he had left, and no one would know any different. This is obviously not the case.

Character Abilities: Militaristically speaking, he’s a brilliant strategist, using the very ground itself in his plans. He moves his squads like so many pieces on a chessboard, entrapping his enemy and utterly destroying them. He is a capable, but not ace, Knightmare Frame pilot, and he is confident with firearms. But, he does not have the physical conditioning to stand up to anyone in a hand-to-hand fight, or even to be able to run for any length of time. He is generally completely useless when it comes to anything remotely strenuous.

As a civilian, he is a very good at cooking, sewing, and other similar domestic duties. He can cut hair, too. The reason he is such a good domestic sort is because he distrusted the staff at the Kururugi Shrine with regard to Nunnally’s care, so he learned how to do it all and took care of everything on his own. He is fluent in both Britannian (functionally English) and Japanese (and likely also serviceable in Chinese, due to some dealings there), and he can also read Braille, thanks to working with Nunnally to help her learn it. He can also play chess well, and the only person that it’s stated he could never beat is Schneizel.

Lelouch is the bearer of a Geass. Geass is a supernatural power bestowed by people like C.C. and V.V. that affects the minds of others. In Lelouch’s case, it allows him to make the ultimate order. It will be obeyed, and no amount of conventional resistance can stop it. It can be fought, and resisted momentarily, but it will be obeyed. If ordered to die, the individual will kill themselves. If ordered to live, the individual will do all they can to escape the life-threatening situation. Direct eye contact must be made for it to take effect, at a distance of less than 272 meters. However, it’s shown that it can be bounced off of reflective surfaces. The victim (or victims, if it’s a group) of the Geass retains no memory of a few moments just before the order, being given the order, or carrying it out. For example, if Lelouch walked into a room, told the individual within to place a phone call to order C.C. a pizza, and walked out again, the individual in question would have no indication that anything had happened at all until the pizza arrived and they had to pay for it.

There are three different types of orders he can make. One is immediate, as in the above example. Another is conditional, where the order dictates a specific action to take upon initiation of a catalyst. For example, in canon he issues an order that when he tugs on his collar, a loyal knight will recognize him as his princess, and subsequently does whatever necessary to rescue him, as he would his princess. In both cases, the order is carried out to their utmost ability, and in a way that is typical for that individual. The only indication outsiders would have that anything has happened at all is a possible sudden contradiction in actions, such as a prisoner’s guard suddenly turning on his subordinates to allow the prisoner in question to go free. However, they cannot, if pressed to answer questions, supply information that they do not know, or perform an act they are physically incapable of doing, such as fly unassisted. The last is open-ended. There is no specified or implied ending moment of the Geass. The person is under its influence for the remainder of their lives. This is commonly combined with the other types. For example, Lelouch has an open-ended Geass on one of his classmates to carve a + into the one of Ashford Academy’s walls at a certain time every day. He has ordered Suzaku to live, thus allowing him to outmaneuver every finishing blow that comes at him. He has also ordered Schneizel to follow Zero, and since, at the time, Schneizel knew Zero’s identity to be Lelouch, he fell under Lelouch’s banner.

There are also very specific limits to the Geass. An order can only be issued to an individual once, unless it is cancelled by someone with the appropriate capability. Previously, Lelouch was able to turn it on and off at will. But through its use, he lost that capability, and now it is constantly activated. He must now wear specific contacts in order to prevent an accidental usage. It also first manifested in his left eye, and has since moved to both. Since then, he is able to command larger groups of people than before. But he does need a moment to remove the contacts before he can use this ability.

Character Inventory:
  • Zero costume, consisting of a five-piece suit, balaclava, cape, mask, gun holster (with a 9mm pistol with one spare magazine), and small pouches under the cape.
  • Walkie-talkie, of an early-21st century vintage; audio only
  • Cellphone, only with wireless capability
  • Knightmare ignition key
  • Shoulder bag containing a change of civilian style clothing
  • Rolo’s cell phone (with the heart charm)
  • a syringe of a power suppression antidote discovered during Endgame
  • a USB flash drive containing data on all residents of Daisychain at a certain point in time, including notes on what had happened there.
Samples: Interaction sample link: Here!

Anything worth doing, was worth doing right. Suzaku had an annoying habit of making friends everywhere he went, and sometimes it fell to Lelouch to ensure they were entertained, and well-fed. He wasn’t sure if Suzaku had ever cooked anything more complicated than instant ramen. Even if he was only doing this as a favor to Suzaku, he has a reputation to uphold. The cake would be out of the oven at precisely 4:18. It will take 30 minutes to cool to an appropriate temperature before he could ice it and decorate it accordingly. That would be plenty of time to get the main course prepped and the icing made. Of course, nothing from a can would do. The freshness left something to be desired, but he would, as always, do what he had to.

He weighed his ingredients carefully and meticulously, never simply settling for inadequate cups. It had been quite the search to locate a digital scale that measured into the 1000ths place, but he finally prevailed. The whole process of chopping, weighing, measuring, timing, and so forth was very grounding. He had come up with some of his best battle plans while wrist-deep in dough or chopping his way through enough vegetables to feed the entire student council.

And a battle plan he would need. Whether his detour to this city was a part of Tagruato’s plan, or simply a flaw in their technology, it really didn’t matter. None of the others had arrived here, that was for sure. There were no crabs, no distant thudding of a ten-story creature’s feet, no waking up somewhere new, and unfamiliar, unsure if you were in imminent danger; at least outside of his nightmares. And most importantly, the power of kings was still in his control. That had seen him out of one demented city. It would do the same thing again. But for now, there was only him and his chef’s knife.