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Character Name: Lelouch vi Britannia
Age: 18
Short Description of Character:
Lelouch is a Chessmaster of the highest degree, and has a Geass power that he can use to control people in various ways. He has poor endurance, and is kind of wimpy. He is very stubborn,, and will generally need some seduction to make it into bed.
✔ Light bondage (tying to things, blindfolds, etc)
✔ Dubcon, noncon (Depends on the specific situation!)
✔ Bloodplay
✔ Oral: receiving, giving to female bodies
✔ Multiple partners
✔ Biting
✔ Incest
✔ Older partner
✔ Very experienced partner
✔ Inexperienced partner
✔ Teasing
✔ Crossdressing, gender play (I play a female Lelouch as well)
✔ Public sex
✔ Size difference
✔ Anything not on the No list I probably haven't thought of yet. Ask me!
✘ Inflation
✘ Watersports
✘ Scat
✘ Hardcore BDSM
✘ Absurd penis sizes
▪ Knocked out, tied to a bed, and waking up to being fucked
▪ He has mind control power, so that would be fun to play with.
▪ Crossdressing would be awesome!

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