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Permissions for Others from Me

Medical info: Ordinary squishy human. He is grossly out of shape, though. One good draw from a vampire, a few hits from anyone over the age of 5, or any vigorous running will knock him out, down, or have him panting, respectively.

What's okay to mention around him: Anything is fair game, really.

Notes for the psychics: Reading his mind is a big deal for him. He does not suffer it gladly. If he finds out someone has been poking in his brain for any reason, well-intended or not, he will not take it well. His reactions may vary from a simple face-to-face confrontation, to manipulation into causing their own harm to themselves in some way, to outright attempted murder depending on circumstances.

I highly welcome this kind of CR, though.

Abilities: He has a Geass, which manifests differently in different people. Here is a link to his app with the full details. In short, it allows him, in canon, to issue one order to someone, and they will be compelled to obey, and retain no memory of any of it. Not even that they were told to do it. Obviously, this may react differently with other characters' power bases.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Sure! Minor things that make sense for the thread, just do it, no checking with me needed. Something bigger that could cause severe bodily harm/damage to anything Lelouch may be scheming up, please check with me. It's not that I want to stop it, I want to make sure there's a solid IC reason and that if your character wants to call Lelouch out on something that they have some IC evidence to do so. Because his schemes can get elaborate and I make a point of trying to keep all the reaches of it as neat as possible.

Hugging/kissing/other non-violent physical contact: Go ahead! He'll probably flail and object to most people, with a few special exceptions. At the moment, they're canonmates and they'd know who they were. If the CR is relatively close, he'll tolerate more. But this being the game it is, snuggle away!

Maim/murder/death: Check with me first! No dying ever.

Hacking Private and Screened Entries: Any hackers will find this very difficult to do. I'll be sure to state how strong the security is. If unstated, assume it's stronger rather than weaker. Assuming this is even a thing at all.

Permissions for Me from Others

Geass: Since Geass robs characters of personal agency, and I know that's a big deal for some players, it's very important that I have clear responses to these questions. Tell me where your boundaries are. Obviously I won't step into anything clearly no good, like forcing someone into sexual activity of any kind. Write me a book if you have to. No teal deer problems here.

Lelouch knows he can only ever use it once per person. So he picks and chooses his timing carefully in order to get the best results. Every interaction involving use of the Geass will be cleared through that characters' mun before proceeding.

Hacking: Lelouch is very good with computers. If someone seems interesting, or an obstacle, he'll push in to try to find out all he can. He doesn't fight battles he hasn't already set up that he's going to win, and getting into people's locked posts is a part of that.

Manipulation: Even without Geass, Lelouch is pretty good at getting people to behave how he needs them to, or to consider him a non-threat while he's tightening the noose.

If you have any questions, comment here, hit me on plurk or AIM @ girlnamedlance, or email at

Your name:
Character's Name | journal name:
Contact: I prefer AIM, Plurk, or old fashioned email.

Are you okay with your character being manipulated emotionally and/or psychologically by Lelouch?: He's good at it when he needs to be. Note that declining this may severely limit our CR chances, because it's so pervasive in his being. Also, if someone your character has close CR with has become useful/a obstacle, it may also be harder for this barrier to remain and everyone to remain IC.
Hacking: Let me know if there's any additional encryption your character may use. It should be fairly simple for him to get through the base network locks.

Do you object to Lelouch using his Geass on your character under any circumstances?: This is a blanket opt-out. I just want to know where we stand.
Is there any reason why you think Geass might not work for your character?: Abnormal brains, perpetual sunglasses, perpetually closed eyes/blindness can all be barriers to Geass.
Are there any absolute no-gos with your character?: Such as turning them on their friends, getting information from them, or getting them to use powers in ways they ordinarily wouldn't or in ways that violate the rules of the prison. The possibilities are endless, so tell me if there's anything off the table.
Anything else I need to know?:

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